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DORA (Dexterous Observational Roving Automaton) is an immersive teleoperated robotic platform designed for navigation and exploration of remote locations.

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Bridging the Gap

The DORA Platform exploits the enabling technologies of virtual reality and teleoperated robotics to establish a groundbreaking physical-virtual interface (PVI).

Wireless Control

DORA is completely untethered, allowing users to log in from anywhere around the world to drive and manipulate the robot.

Fully Immersive

The robot uses novel, patent pending technology to track nuanced human head movement in all six degrees of freedom and provide real-time visual and audio feedback via a head-mounted display.

Intuitive Interface

DORA incorporates thoughtful attention to user experience via a natural, responsive, and clean graphical user interface.


Peter A. Zachares

Mechanical Engineering (BSE)


Emre Tanirgan

Digital Media Design (BSE)
Computer Graphics & Game Technology (MSE)


Daleroy Sibanda

Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (MSE)


John C. Nappo

Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
Robotics (MSE)

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